about J and A Marrakech

About Angela & Jean . . . 

We are two sisters, Angela and Jean, who share a passion for most things old, a little worn, and used. We grew up in a household where furniture was passed on and never grew too old or shabby to appreciate. Even our clothes were handmade by our grandmother, and shoes were passed down to our younger siblings and cousins. It is no wonder that we still love the look and feel of old things, especially old textiles – slightly faded, softened from years of wear and washing, and passed down from a different generation. 

Today we travel to new destinations to meet people from other cultures, learn about different customs and traditions, and search for handmade textiles from the past.

About the Rare Cloth process . . . 

When we find pieces that are interesting and unique, we begin to make choices for them . Many of them are for display, such as in wall hangings, framing, draping, or clients unique design choice.  Some are well suited for making into handbags, which we have made where we find the textiles, in the style of the country. And others are fashioned into pillows, furniture covers, and clothing that we ourselves design and sew in Pennsylvania.

All of the pieces we buy are hand made by ethnic communities or individuals and are representative of their own cultures. These pieces demonstrate the art and craftsmanship from their cultures and serve to enlighten and encourage appreciation as a cultural exchange. All of the textiles we buy are antique and fair trade pieces through reputable sellers working directly with local communities or tribes. Each piece is one of a kind and is given the price based upon its rarity and condition as in the case of an antique piece.